In order to camp, each person agrees to the following rules and policies. Each person (over the age of 16) agrees to purchase a

The Camping Ticket includes weekend admission and camping privileges. A site must be purchased in addition to this package. If you are camping with someone who has purchased a site, you do not need to purchase a site. No refunds or exchanges on tickets/camping reservations. Road America reserves the right to relocate campers at any time for any reason.


  • Campers must check in at the camping gate during scheduled check-in hours (gate and hours vary by event). If unable to register during the posted hours, you will NOT be allowed into the facility until 7 AM the following day.
  • Six (6) people are allowed per site, one must be an adult, 18 or older. Children 16 and under are free with a paying adult & photo ID. If your group arrives at different times, you will need to make sure that everyone has the name of the individual that purchased the site and make arrangements to meet up with the group.
  • At check-in, you will need to show your proof of purchase (Camping Ticket). The proof of purchase will be collected and replaced by a wristband. The Camping Ticket is your admission in and out of the facility as well as proof to Security Officers that you are allowed on the grounds at night — you will need to wear the wristband for the duration of your stay. -You will be issued a proper camping permit that indicates the area/site that you purchased. The camping permit must be visible to Security in each campsite (i.e., tents may use vehicle window, motorhome window, etc.).
  • Once registered, you will have 24-hour access to the facility through Gate 6 during the event, vacating the premises on the last day of the event 1/2 hour after the final race (NASCAR) campers may stay until noon on the Sunday following those events). Spectators/guests not camping must leave the grounds each day 1 hour after the last checkered flag.
  • If you are returning to the track after dark, be prepared to show proper credentials (wristband) and please drive carefully—observe a 5 MPH speed limit.


PARKING: You are allowed to park your vehicle in the campsite if it fits in the allocated space. If you have additional items that do not fit in the campsite, you will need to park them in an open grass area that is not designated for camping or other functions.

SITE SETUP: Do not drive stakes or poles into any asphalt surfaces. Do not deface, cut, drive nails into or attach lines or any other objects to trees, spectator fencing, bushes, light poles, site sign posts or buildings. Do not tamper with any electrical outlets on Road America property. Large party tents are not allowed; only sleeping tents and small screen tents for cooking can be set up.

PERSONAL PROPERTY AND RIGHTS: Road America assumes no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to personal property. Please respect the rights of others.


Road America strictly prohibits the following items or actions:
  • Misuse of prescription drugs and use of illegal drugs.
  • Firearms and weapons.
  • Fireworks (including firecrackers), potato launchers or any type of explosive.
  • Loud or disorderly conduct, use of profanity, obnoxious disturbances or nuisances.
  • Possession of such items or unruly behavior outlined above will result in immediate removal from the property and further prosecution from local law enforcement.


UTILITIES: There are NO water hook ups on the property. Electrical sites are available on the front straight & Turn 1 (Front Straight sites not available to spectators for SCCA Runoffs). Please be sure to have at least 35’ of cord & a 50 amp adaptor for electrical sites. Generator use is allowed only from 7 am – 10 pm in all areas. At any time, Road America reserves the right to ask campers to turn them off if they are disrupting other campers. Do not tamper with any electrical outlets on Road America property.

RESTROOMS: There are two permanent restroom / shower locations on the property as well as portable bathrooms throughout the facility. Additional shower units are brought in as demand requires.

CONCESSIONS: There are 14 concession stands located throughout the property serving delicious food (limited availability during the Spring Vintage, AHRMA, & VSCDA events).

GIFT SHOP: The Paddock Shop is located in the competition paddock (store hours vary by event) and sells ice, cameras, toiletries, and Road America apparel/gifts, etc.

PICNIC TABLES: are for everyone’s use — please do not move tables to your site.

GARBAGE REMOVAL: Please make sure your garbage barrels are placed on the end of your campsite near the paved road or they will not be emptied. Sites should be clean and free of garbage when you leave the property. Use the proper barrels for discarding completely extinguished coals or ashes.

PETS: Pets are the responsibility of the owner. Please be courteous and cleanup after your pet. Pets must be kept under the control of a leash or kept in your vehicle with adequate ventilation and water. Pets are not permitted in Paddock areas during spectator events. Management reserves the right to restrict disruptive or exotic pets. If your pet disrupts or causes harm to another individual, it will be grounds for removal of you and your pet from the facility without refund.

DUMPSITES: Please collect and dispose of dish and hand washing water at the sanitary dumping station or in campground toilets. It is against the law to dump “gray water” on the ground. Dishwashing is not allowed in the restroom sinks. There are two dumpsites on the property (Carousel Campground and adjacent to Paddock Medical Facility).

CAMPFIRES: The campsites do not have fire pits. You can not have an open fire. Cooking and campfires must be built in a device designed for elevating a fire off of the ground — such as a grill or portable patio fire pit.

General Rules for Campfires:

  • Campfires must never be left unattended and trash burning is prohibited.
  • Fires are permitted when weather conditions are normal (no high winds or dry conditions) and must be placed in a manner as not to endanger other people or property.
  • Gasoline should not be used to light fires! As a general guideline, fire flames should not be higher than two feet from the base of the fire.
  • Fires must be completely extinguished before discarding coals or ashes in containers clearly marked for that purpose.
  • Firewood may not be brought into Wisconsin from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, or Michigan. This is illegal according to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. As a general rule, all firewood should be bought in the county you are camping in and not taken home with you when you leave!!!
  • Security officers, Road America staff and safety personnel reserve the right to instruct campers to extinguish any fires too large or that threaten other campers.
  • Violators of fire rules will pay a minimum fine of $50 for each infraction and are subject to removal from the property.

SCENERY: There are more than 20 different species of wildlife located on Road America’s property. The State of WI has fines for those who destroy wild flowers, trees, or harm wildlife. Enjoy what is around you – take only what you brought.

  • Enforced between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM in all camping areas!!!
  • Generators are allowed only from 7 am–10 pm and if they are not disrupting neighboring sites. If they are bothering other campers, Road America reserves the right to ask campers to turn them off at any time.
  • Campers will be restricted to their camping area at sundown. Absolutely no vehicle traffic after sundown unless leaving or entering the property or visiting the restrooms. Please drive safely and observe the 5 mph speed limit.
  • Radios are not allowed after 10:00 PM. No extensive or professional sound systems are allowed at any time. Loud music is also prohibited at all times.
  • Strictly prohibited items or actions include: firearms, fireworks (including firecrackers or bottle rockets), loud or disorderly conduct, use of profanity, obnoxious disturbances or nuisances.


  • When entering Road America property, all vehicles are subject to search by Road America personnel or Security Officers.
  • All vehicles must be street-licensed for the state of Wisconsin, have a valid license plate and the driver must possess a valid driver’s license to operate the vehicle on the property. Vehicles driven after dark must have headlights. Please drive carefully — observe a 5 MPH speed limit.
  • Road America does NOT allow unlicensed ATV’s, scooters, private golf cars, etc. on the property. If brought to the facility, they will be taken to an impound area and returned to the owner at the end of the weekend. A ZERO TOLERANCE RULE will be in effect for the use of these vehicles and no warnings will be given.
  • Coaster wagons and strollers are allowed on the property.
  • Bicycle riding is permitted in the general spectator areas; riding bicycles in the Competition Paddock is prohibited.
  • Rollerblades, roller skates, Razor scooters (or other name brand scooters of that type) and skateboards are not allowed anywhere on Road America property.
  • A free shuttle service (8-passenger golf cars) is provided during all public events. Schedules for the shuttles vary as demand requires.
  • Public transportation to the track is NOT available. Several taxi companies service the track.


There is 24-hour security and patrols to insure that all campers will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of the area. For Road America Security assistance, call 920-892-2663. In an emergency, call 920-892-2663. Our security force is in direct contact with on-site medical personnel and the county dispatch