With all this snow on the ground and more on the way, the time is right to shake off that cabin fever and start looking for a big, empty, snow-filled area to do donuts, handbrake slides and other thrilling sideways maneuvers.

But instead of doing it in a parking lot – where you not only have to ignore the nasty glares of onlookers and risk a chat with our friends in local law enforcement, Road America encourages drivers to try its Winter Autocross. Three dates are available and it's only $75 per driver. Extra pit passes are $20 each.

It’s huge fun, of course, but you will also learn how to command your vehicle in low-traction conditions so you can be prepared when less than desirable winter road conditions make driving unpredictable.

Participant numbers are limited and space is reserved on a first come first served basis.  Participants are strongly encouraged to register in advance and at their earliest convenience. 

SUV’s and Trucks (1/2 ton and smaller) will be allowed to participate. Full size vans unfortunately will not be allowed to participate.

Get the event schedule and details HERE

Get Results from previous Autocross events HERE

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