Golf car rental rules and regulations

By purchasing golf car rental, you the purchaser are agreeing to the following rules and regulations:
  1. I (the Renter) agree not to tamper in any way with the golf car(s) or its operating mechanisms. The golf car(s) will be returned in the same condition as I received it.
  2. All drivers will be of legal driving age and possess a valid state-issued driver’s license (Renter is responsible for car(s) regardless of who uses it during the time of the rental). I represent that I am familiar with the operation and use of said golf cars and am able to operate and control said golf car(s). I understand that operating a golf car while intoxicated will not be tolerated and is subject to penalty.
  3. Passengers must ride on the golf car(s) in a safe manner at all times. Warn all passengers when making any sudden turns. One person per seat only. Placing too many passengers on the golf car(s) or having them ride on it in an unsafe fashion is not acceptable.
  4. I realize that death or serious injury may be the result of improper or unsafe use/operation of the said golf car(s) in my possession.
  5. I agree to hold Elkhart Lake’s Road America, Inc., Jim’s Golf Cars, Inc., and Club Car harmless and to defend it from any and all claims for damages of any nature, whether to myself or to others that may arise from or through the use of said golf car(s).
  6. Monetary charges may be issued to the Renter of said golf car(s) for, but not limited to: physical damage, tampering, excessive dirt, remaining garbage, decal removal, or lost/unreturned keys. Renter’s credit card may be charged for such damages post event without notice. Understand that not all golf cars and other unlicensed vehicles seen on RA property are rented by RA.


Golf car(s) pickup time: Between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm on the first day of the rental.

Location: GATE 3 off Cty Rd J (MotoAmerica, Sprints, INDYCAR, WIC, IMSA & NASCAR)

Location: GATE 6 at the Administrative Office (SVRA, Vintage MotoFest, & VSCDA)

Refueling: Please come to the Administrative Office for refueling if necessary.

Return info: Golf car(s) is to be returned to pickup area within ½ hour after the last track activity on the last day of the rental. If the golf car building is unattended when you return the golf car(s), please deposit the key in the large mailbox next to the building.

Availability is based off of the vendors availability and is subject to change.