Commemorative Pavers

Widely regarded as one of the greatest race tracks in the world, visitors develop a fond affinity for Road America. It has a special appeal like no other place. For fans, Road America was their first racing experience and now coming back is an annual tradition. For racers, mastering its daunting twists and turns has been an exciting challenge on a track layout that has remained unchanged since its inception in 1955.

Now is your chance to preserve and become a part of Road America's history.

The Road America Fan Walkway is designed to improve the facility and keep these traditions alive for generations. Currently underway, the walkway project is highly visible in a special area of the paddock. The Commemorative Paver Campaign gives you, your family, or organization a unique opportunity to show your pride in

Road America. Purchasing a commemorative paver will also leave a timeless tribute to you, a loved one, or friend of Road America.

Large Paver 16 1/2"w x 13 3/4"t

7 lines of 16  approx. 1" tall characters -- $750 includes tax

Medium Paver 8 1/4"w x 13 3/4"t

10 lines of 12  approx. 0.60" tall characters -- $500 includes tax

Small Paver 1/4"w x 6 7/8"t

4 lines of 14  approx. 0.60" tall characters -- $300 includes tax

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