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Driver's Club - Receive over $8,000 in benefits & amenities for only $4,900.  Join today!

The Road America Drivers Club is an exclusive membership club for racing and driving enthusiasts. Members of the Road America Drivers Club have a sophisticated appreciation for America’s National Park of Speed, one of North America’s most revered motorsports race tracks. The Drivers Club gives members the opportunity to push their limits during exclusive test and tune sessions and track days through the same apexes as world-renown competitors like Andretti, Villeneuve, Newman, Penske, Rahal, Gurney, Posey, Donohue and Hobbs.

The Road America Drivers Club also offers members the opportunity to connect and experience the camaraderie that comes with engaging other like-minded individuals. Members can get to know each other during events and social functions at a track that has a unique meaning and valued history to each member. Quite simply, everything about the Road America Drivers Club is meant to be an exclusive yet flexible experience.

There are many reasons why drivers and enthusiasts join the Road America Drivers Club. The track time, the incredible major race weekends and club events throughout the season, the historic and revered beauty of America’s National Park of Speed, the unequaled social events and hospitality — and of course, the many individual membership benefits including:


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