Street Skills Course 2

Street Skills Course 2



Participants must hold a valid motorcycle M endorsement on their driver’s license to enroll in Road America’s Street Skill II (SSC2) course. Road America recommends achieving 2,000 miles of riding experience prior to the SSC2 or completion of Street Skills 1 (SSC1).

The Street Skills Course 2 (SSC2) is a motorcycle course for intermediate, experienced and returning riders seeking additional training to precisely operate a motorcycle. Participants will be able to improve the Control Core skill sets which include:

  • Visual Control
  • Stability Control
  • Chassis Control
  • Braking Control
  • Cornering Control

Our experienced instructors teach the SSC2 with a focus on safe riding practices and skills for:

  • Proper braking
  • Cornering techniques (apex, trail braking, path adjustment)
  • Situational awareness skills 

The SSC2 five-hour motorcycle training course at Road America includes about an hour of classroom discussion and over four hours and nearly 40 miles of riding exercises. Riding training takes place on a controlled one-of-a-kind training circuit, the Briggs & Stratton Motorplex, designed to simulate real-world riding conditions. The Motorplex training circuit encompasses nearly one mile of paved roadway and features over a dozen varying unique curves, elevation changes, on-camber/off-camber interconnected curves of various and alternating lean angles, and line of sight challenges. These features combine to give the rider multiple repetitive opportunities to study the road features and apply the best choices for turn entry, apex selection, trail braking techniques, line of sight convergence to determine the best options to your Control Core riding skills. 

Riders are encouraged to ride their own street-legal, licensed and insured motorcycle (proof of insurance is required) fueled to last through the day. Bikes are subject to a safety inspection by the course instructors. Road America instructors have the right to refuse any customized motorcycles deemed unfit for course operation. Those wishing to use a school-supplied 250cc motorcycle can do so for an additional fee and with advanced notice. 

Price: $185

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Proper safety gear is mandatory for all circuit activities and includes the following: 

  • Over the ankle footwear, with good sole grip, heels not to exceed 1.5” 
  • Long pants, no rips or exposed skin 
  • Full fingered gloves 
  • Long sleeve shirt (minimum) or riding jacket 
  • DOT-approved street-legal helmet and eye protection (full-face helmet recommended) 

Helmets are available for rent for an additional fee and with advanced notice. 

SSC2 Course runs rain or shine, plan accordingly for the weather and bring rain gear if inclement weather occurs.  

Course size is limited and reserved on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Please review our School Policies before registering for any Road America Motorcycle Classes. 

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