Sponsorship allows your company to distinguish itself and enhance its brand in unique ways that your competitors miss using other forms of advertising. According to research and recent economic impact studies, motorsport fans are the most brand-loyal, when compared to fans of any other sport. Every event attendee is a potential consumer because Road America is more unique than any other facility. Our fans and competitors enjoy camping for several days to enjoy the facility and local area, either golfing or staying at the local resorts. Additionally, Road America fans are 2.5 times more likely to be in higher-earning groups who are loyal and active in the top percentages of purchasing power.

These advantages prove that motorsport sponsorship as a marketing tool is remarkably cost-effective, offering high brand exposure and extensive audience reach using broadcast, print, and social media.

Your company’s presence at Road America  provides a number of different marketing opportunities:

  • Signage (both static and digital) to create awareness and induce a higher level of recall and brand recognition
  • Tickets to support promotional efforts
  • Hospitality to reward stakeholders
  • Showcase products and engage with customers in the paddock area – a maximum marketing activation
  • Promotional activities during corporate retreats and other events to enable off-site activation
  • Magnify brand exposure using advertising and product identity opportunities in live telecast, radio, print, and social media, both nationally and internationally

Event Entitlements

This sponsorship links company naming to exciting, world-renowned racing events. In addition to on-site exposure, race weekend entitlement takes the forefront in printed materials, pre- and post-event publicity, advertising, and even television broadcasts. 

Category Sponsorships

It’s official: tools, car, cheese, motorcycle…Road America has fantastic category sponsors and room for more.

Chevrolet tent with a few cars on display

Landmark Entitlements

Many of Road America’s landmark features carry the names of major corporate sponsors. They truly become “fixtures” in the minds of on-site spectators, television audiences and the racing community.

Sargento cheese advertisement banner on the race track

Whether you are thinking about becoming an Event Entitlement Sponsor for a race weekend or a specific race, a Category Sponsor for a specific product, a Landmark Sponsor for one of our treasured and recognized locations on the property, or simply having a brand presence at the track, we will work with you to customize a package that will meet your marketing objectives effectively and successfully.

For personal assistance, please contact:

800.365.7223  Ext. 2005

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