Street Legal Drags



(Licensed Street Vehicles Only – Exhaust system must be street legal)



  •  Pre-Registered Participants:  $10 per race Bracket; discounted gate admission for race participants when pre-registered for bracket racing. Your discounted $10 gate admission is paid at the Main Gate only, on the day of the event.


  • Drive-up Registration for Participants: $10 per race Bracket; $15 gate admission. 


  • General Admission is available at the Main Gate Only:  $15 for all spectators. Ages 12 and under are FREE! 


There is NO extra fee to participate in the Car Show.

Vehicles will compete on 330 Ft (1/16 mile) running in separate lanes 

Entrants will race against similar vehicles




  1. When viewing the races, bring a blanket or lawn chair. We also have bleachers and a VIP patio to take in all the sights and sounds.
  2. Please be aware of your safety at all times.
  3. Alcohol is not permitted in staging areas.
  4. You will park in the grass areas around the race track if you are not racing. (Please see map)
  5. Please drive slowly when entering/exiting Road America, as children may be in this area.


1) No Burnouts!

2) Passengers are welcome (over 12 years old). If you have a two-door vehicle, only two people are allowed. Four people are allowed in the vehicle if you have a four-door vehicle. EVERYONE must have a seat belt on.

3) There is no limit on practice runs (as time permits). Just pull up to the line. We will release you, one car at a time. You may get in line in the pre-staging area.

4) No speeding after drag runs. SLOW DOWN!

5) If we have determined you have “red-lighted” you will be notified on the return lane.

6) You MAY enter in more than one Bracket ($10 each). Once you win the Bracket- we ask that you not participate in that Bracket for the next event. (Except for the Open Brackets).

7) When bracket racing begins, we will separate you into your “bracket.” Brackets are Dbl elimination and may combine brackets depending on the number of vehicles entered. Brackets are run in a respective order as well.

After each bracket run, you must stop in the designated stop area. The stop area will have proper signage that lets you know where to stop. Once you have came to a stop,  an Official will guide you on where to go. You must go into the pits if you are eliminated from your Bracket. We may split (break out) a Bracket if we have a large number of cars or have performance differences.

8) CYCLES are required to wear helmets, long-sleeved clothing, long pants, and closed-toe shoes.

9) No Buybacks.

10) Be aware that we will not tolerate stupidity. This means while racing or at any other time. Any

persons who may have consumed alcohol before or during the event may not participate. This is

about having fun. Relax and enjoy the camaraderie.


You may do both…drag and shine and show. We will judge the shine, show around 8:30 pm, and then present awards on track (time allowing). Park your car in the shine and show area. Our judges will be around to check your ride out.


5:15 – Gate Opens (Main Gate)
6:15 – Drivers Meeting
6:30 – Practice or Grudge runs
7:30 – Brackets Start
8:30 – Shine & Show Spectator Judging by Crowd Applause

Tech Officials determine your Bracket prior to entering pits. If you have any questions, contact them. They are located in the staging area. Additional Brackets may be added. NOTE: You may be moved up a Bracket if we determine your vehicle does not meet the parameters of the current Bracket you are participating in. Be honest with the Tech Officials about what you have in or have done to your vehicle. Relax and have fun.

HANDICAPPED BRACKETS – Means the start of the race is handicapped. We do our best on trying to line up cars as fair as possible. Be aware that we are not always correct- help us- if you are part of the race. Do not enter this Bracket if this is an issue for you.


Order of Brackets (Subject to change)

OPEN – Presented By West Bend Dyno

Group 1 or “OPEN” = Anything goes, Heads up start. Please note that vehicles must be Street Legal and have Street Legal exhaust systems.

DOMESTIC CARS – Presented By Throttle Stop

Group 2 or “PA” – Power Adder = N.O.S / Turbocharged/Supercharged/Street Tire

Group 3 or “DPS” – Domestic Performance Street = 1980 and up, <400hp

Group 4 or “DPT” – Domestic Performance D.O.T. Tires = 1980 and up, 400- 550 HP Street tires

Group 5 or “DP+” – Domestic Performance 550 HP plus = 1980 and newer, 550 HP and up, any tire.

Group 6 or “DIO” – Detroit Iron Open = Pre 1980, any tire

Group 7 or “DIS” – Detroit Iron Street Pre 1980 = Pre 1980, Street Tire

Group 8 or “FFD” – Family Four-Door Sedan


Group 9 or “CY” – Cycle


Group 10 or “2TG” – 2WD Trucks Gas O.E.M.

Group 11 or “TWO” – Two Wheel Drive Trucks Open = Modified Gas or Diesel

Group 12 or “FWD” – Four Wheel Drive Diesel = Trucks only

Group 13 or “FWG” – Four Wheel Drive Gas = Trucks Only, no S.U.V.’s


Group 14 or “SVX” – S.U.V. All-Wheel Drive


Group 15 or “EP” – Euro Performance = Porsche, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen



Group 16 or “TO4” – Tuner O.E.M 4 cyl. Only

Group 17 or “T46” – Tuner Open 4 and 6 cyl = Heavily Modified


Group 18 or “HSH” – High School (handicapped) = Handicap is Starter’s decision


Group 19 or “EP” – Electric Power = Any all-electric vehicles


Detroit Iron is for vehicles 1979 and older

Domestic Performance is for US production gas cars 1980 and newer

Street refers to a street radial with DOT stamp

High School must show Student ID if asked

Electric can only run in Electric or Open brackets

6 Cylinder go in Tuner Open, not Tuner OEM

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