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Road America Track Days

Presented by Kelly Moss Road and Race


Join Road America as we give owners of high-performance cars and sports cars (street-legal cars, please no race cars) the opportunity to drive their own vehicles on one of the greatest road courses in North America. As part of Road America Track Days, participants can learn something new, hone driving skills, and have fun. The cost to participate in Road America Track Days is $330 for Intermediate and Advance or $360 for the Novice group.

There is never any competition, wheel-to-wheel or timed laps, in this track day program.

Track Day programs are designed to provide safe experiences for all participants and to ensure drivers come away with much more confidence in handling their cars in any situation.

Road America reserves the right to cancel the event at any time. Cancellations will typically be made at least 1 week prior to the event. Please note, this event is for street-legal cars only – no race cars, trucks, vans, or SUVs. A valid driver’s license is required to race on the Road America track. Convertibles must have factory-installed rollover protection in order to participate. Rental helmets are available at registration upon arrival.

The run group breakdown for Road America’s Track Day program is as follows:

  • Novice - Little to no experience driving on a racetrack, zero to five on-track events
  • Intermediate - Some experience driving on a racetrack but not necessarily at Road America, six to 10 on track events
  • Advanced - Significant experience driving on a racetrack, more than 10 on-track events at multiple tracks

Please note that all schedules are subject to change.

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Price: $330 (novice group $360)

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