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Karting at Road America is a safe, affordable, and extremely challenging sport that takes place at the Briggs & Stratton Motorplex on select weeknight and weekend dates from May to September. The Road America Karting Club has organized competitive kart racing in a family-friendly atmosphere for over 20 years.

Competition classes are organized for participants ranging in age from adults to children 5 years and older in a variety of different engine and chassis combinations. This organization goes beyond the traditional focus of driver development by putting an emphasis on safety, sportsmanship, and fun. Events are always filled with exciting racing action and open to spectators. For more information on how to participate in Karting at Road America, review our Beginner’s Guide to Karting at Road America or attend the next Karting Experience event.

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2023 Schedule

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Non-Points Race  May 6 RESULTS - Non-Points Race   May 30
RESULTS - RACE #1 (TAG Masters)  May 13 RESULTS - RACE #1 June 6
RESULTS - RACE #2 May 27

RESULTS - RACE Rain Make-Up June 29th

RESULTS - RACE #3 June 10 RESULTS - RACE #3 June 20
RESULTS - RACE #4 (night race) (TAG Masters) June 24

RESULTS - RACE #4 June 27

RESULTS - RACE #5 (night race) July 15

RESULTS - RACE #5 July 11

RESULTS - RACE #6 (TAG Masters) August 19 RESULTS - RACE #6 July 18
RESULTS - RACE #7 (TAG Masters) September 16 RESULTS - RACE #7 July 25
RESULTS - RACE #8  September 23 RESULTS - RACE #8 August 1
RESULTS - RACE #9 September 30 RESULTS - RACE #9 August 8
  RESULTS - RACE #10 August 15
  RESULTS - RACE #11 August 22
  RESULTS - RACE #12 August 29

2023 Weeknight Series Track Layout Schedule

2023 Weekend Series Track Layout Schedule

2023 RAKC Weeknight Championship Points

2023 RAKC Weekend Championship Points

RAKC Weeknight Series Historical Points

RAKC Weekend Series Historical Points


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Beginner’s Guide to Karting at Road America

Have you ever wondered how your favorite racer got their start in motorsports? Maybe you’re just looking to have a little family-oriented fun? Want to get involved in what many consider one of the least expensive forms of motorsports? If you answered yes to any of these questions kart racing might just be the thing you are looking for. Karting takes place at the Briggs & Stratton Motorplex at Elkhart Lake’s Road America.


General Information

Race Day Formats

Weeknight Series (Tuesday Nights)               

Gate Opens: 2:30 p.m.                                                                                                                              

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