General Rules

General Rules


We want everyone who comes to Road America to enjoy their experience. Below are the general rules and policies to follow to ensure all visitors have a pleasant experience.

For a complete printable list click here

Aerial Photography: Aerial Photography, or taking photographs or video by individuals from an elevated position in which the Photography camera is not supported by a ground-based structure, such as a remote-controlled fixed-wing or multi-rotor Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) drones, balloons, blimps, and dirigibles, rockets, kites, parachutes, stand-alone telescoping and vehicles mounted poles, either triggered remotely or automatically is strictly prohibited at Road America. Violators in the possession and /or operation at any time will be subject to confiscation of their unmanned aircraft, immediate removal from the property, and further prosecution by Law Enforcement.

Alcohol: Alcohol including beer, wine, and liquor is served at certain concession locations. Carry-ins are not permitted at or near concession stands. No person under the age of 21 is allowed to possess or consume alcohol.

Asphalt: Pounding of stakes or making holes in any asphalt surface, the use of paint and spray markings of any type on an asphalt surface is prohibited. Offenders will be held liable for damages.

Bicycles: Bicycles are not allowed to be ridden in the paddock or on track. All bicycles must be walked while in the paddock. Bicycle riding is allowed if conducted in a safe fashion on perimeter access roads only.

Campfires: Campfires must be attended to and contained at all times. Firewood may be purchased at Road America. However, do not bring firewood from outside Sheboygan County into the facility because Road America is part of the Emerald Ash-Borer Beetle danger zone. Trash burning is prohibited. All campfires must be a safe distance from trees, other sites, vehicles, tents, or structures.

Camping: Camping is allowed with proper tickets, wristbands, and site hangtags.

Canopies: Canopies, Tents, and/or E-Z Up’s that are placed in spectator areas are not to block spectator viewing and are not to be left on the property overnight. Canopies, Tents, and/or E-Z Ups must be a least 10 feet from the fence and cannot be tied to any Road America property.  Any tent left overnight will be removed by security. No large party tents are allowed unless prior arrangements have been made.

Carry-ins: Carry-ins will not be permitted in concession stand locations or adjoining seating areas. Glass containers of any type are prohibited.

Children: Children 16-years-old and under are free with a paying adult for all public events.

Concessions: As many as 14 concessions stand locations exist at certain events and serve a wide variety of affordable food and beverages during major public events.

Damage to Property: All participants, spectators, and guests of Road America are responsible for any property they damage.

Drones: Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are not allowed; Road America is a no-drone zone.

Emergency: In an emergency please call 911 or Road America security at 920-892-2663. Security staff is in direct contact with on-site medical personnel and county emergency service.

Fire lanes: Fire lanes are to be kept clear at all times. Vehicles parked in fire lanes will be towed and impounded at the owner’s expense.

Golf carts: Golf carts are available for rent by event. Advance purchase is required. Click on “Buy Tickets and More” button on the specific event page.

Handicap Accessibility: Handicap parking is located in the VIP Tower parking lot. Most restrooms are handicap accessible.

Lost and Found: The Lost and Found is located at Road America security inside Gate 6 during events only. Please call 920-892-2663.

Paddock: Please be aware of traffic patterns. Race vehicles have the right of way. Paddock restrictions may apply based on series requirements. Non-motorized vehicles are not allowed to be operated in the paddock.

Parking: General parking is free outside of the paddock on open grass areas that are not designated for camping, vendors, or hospitality. Preferred Parking is available for purchase during all major public events. Preferred Parking is located near the VIP Tower. Road America reserves the right to assign parking spaces at certain events.

Personal Property: Road America assumes no responsibility for damage, theft, and loss of personal property. Please respect the property and the rights of others.

Pets: Road America discourages bringing pets. Pets will be allowed if leashed and cleaned up after. Please do not leave pets unattended at any time. Pets are not allowed in any Road America buildings or the Paddock unless they are ADA Certified Service Animals. Management reserves the right to remove disruptive pets and their owners.

Picnic Tables: Please do not move the picnic tables, they are for everyone’s enjoyment.

Pit Lanes: Everyone entering the pit lane must show security appropriate credentials. Proper attire may vary by event and no smoking or alcohol consumption is allowed on the pit lane. Standing on the pit wall is prohibited. Altering pit access through established fences and gates is prohibited.

Restrooms/Showers: There are permanent and temporary restrooms and shower facilities located on the property.

Seating: Road America does not have reserved seating. Seating and bleachers are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Some areas are reserved from time to time for sponsors, hospitality, or sanction groups. Bring a chair or blankets to enjoy the race.

Security: In an emergency please call 911 or 920-892-2663. Road America security staff is in direct contact with on-site medical personnel and county emergency service.

Speed Limit: 15 MPH speed limit is recommended and enforced at all times.

Tailgating: No large party tents are allowed unless prior arrangements have been made. When grilling, please completely extinguish coals or ashes before placing them in designated containers. As a courtesy to our loyal concessioners, no tailgating will be allowed near concession stand areas.

Tickets: Tickets are offered at a discount until the advance price deadline (typically one week prior to the event). Gate prices are effective after the advanced deadline and throughout the event. Print at Home tickets can be purchased to avoid shipping fees. No refunds or exchanges of tickets.

Trailers: Road America reserves the right to deny access to any vehicle pulling a trailer. Any trailers entering the property are subject to inspection by Road America staff.

Vehicles (Motorized): All vehicles must be street legal, licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles, have valid plates, and be operated by those that possess a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance. Personal golf carts, ATV’s and unlicensed vehicles are NOT allowed on Road America property. Pit vehicles used by team members must have the appropriate pit sticker for the event. Do not park vehicles in fire lanes or areas marked “No Parking”. A 15 MPH speed limit is in place and enforced at all times.

Vehicles (Non-motorized): This includes any vehicle that doesn’t have a motor. Non-motorized vehicles must be carried or pushed through the paddock.

Vehicle Searches: Road America staff reserves the right to search all property and vehicles entering the facility.

Weapons: All weapons strictly prohibited. Weapons of any type will be confiscated (this includes individuals with permits).

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