Frequently Asked Questions


General Information

What is Road America?

Road America is a world-class motorsports facility featuring a 14-turn, 4.048-mile permanent road course and a 1-mile Motorplextrack. The 640-acre, park-like grounds offer amazing viewing opportunities, fantastic concessions and high-speed excitement to thousands of spectators each year. In addition to being a major attraction during public race weekends, Road America offers group event programs, the Briggs & Stratton Motorplex for karting and SuperMoto club racing, and the Road America Motorcycle School and Driving School.

How many events take place at Road America?

Over 500 events are held annually at Road America, often running multiple activities on the same day incorporating the four-mile track, the interior Briggs & Stratton Motorplex and the beautiful grounds surrounding the facility.

What is the closest airport to Road America?

What is the shipping address for Road America?

Always include the first and last name of the recipient and their company name.

​Road America
Attn: John Smith / Team Racing
N7390 Hwy 67
Plymouth, WI 53073

Please include the phone number of the recipient on the shipping order. Packages can be picked up at the Shipping and Receiving building (near Gate 6).  Hours vary and are posted at the building. There is a $5 fee per package at the time of pick up.

Does Road America have electric vehicle charging stations?

Yes, we have a Tesla Charger on-site. Call 800-365-7223 for location and operating times. 

Parking & Seating

Do you have reserved seating?

Road America’s key attraction is that there is no assigned grandstand seating, and fans are free to roam about the property to find their favorite track viewing location. With 640-acres to explore there really isn’t a bad seat in the house. Bring your own chairs or grab a bleacher seat around the property. You can also watch live race feeds on jumbo screens near Turns 1, 3, 5, 7, and 12, by the Road America Center building and Victory Lane.

Fans are discouraged from reserving viewing areas by placing chairs, EZ-Ups, or ropes. Any items left up or out overnight in general admission areas will be removed and confiscated by security.

Is there a charge for parking?

General admission parking is free with the purchase of a ticket. Preferred Parking passes can be purchased for $25. The Preferred Parking Pass is a Thursday-Sunday designated parking area by the VIP Tower with easy walk-in access to the paddock. Road America reserves the right to charge for general admission parking for select events.

Is Road America car-friendly? 

Yes, very. During most events, aside from INDYCAR, NASCAR, and IMSA where facility access is restricted, if you need a break from walking, you can pretty much use your car to get around, as long as you keep clear of the paddock. For the big events a golf cart is the best way to get around and you can rent those for the weekend in advance. Purchase your golf cart reservation when buying your tickets to ensure availability.

Are trailers permitted at Road America?  

Spectator trailers are not permitted. Road America reserves the right to deny trailer access to the property. Any trailers for commercial purposes entering the property are subject to inspection by Road America staff.

Does Road America search vehicles? 

Road America staff reserves the right to search all property and vehicles entering the facility.

Tickets & Admission

Can anyone attend a club event?

Each club/organization determines whether the public will have access to the event and, if so, sets the admission fees. If you are interested in Club Events, please contact the club directly using the links in the event calendar. There are select club events open to season pass holders. These events are designated in the events calendar.

Do you ever sell out tickets?

Due to the size of our facility, we do NOT sell out of admission tickets. Off-site parking options may also be offered for large events.

What access do general admission tickets provide?

All tickets include access to the paddock and free general parking. The NASCAR paddock is closed to the public during the event.

Daily tickets, weekend tickets, and a Season Pass all provide the customer with access to the paddock, general admission grandstands as well as numerous other seating options and free general parking.

What are the ticket prices for children?

Children 16 and under receive free admission to all Road America events with a paying adult. Students with current year ID can receive $10 off ticket prices at the gates. Current Road America ticket promotions can viewed HERE.


Where can I find information on camping?

Road America allows spectator tent or motorhome camping during public events, on select non-public weekends like Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend, and during club events. Additional fees apply and advance reservations are recommended. 

Can I park at my campsite?

Yes. If your vehicle doesn’t fit in your site space, additional parking is available throughout the property.


What is the Paddock? Where is it located and do fans have access?

The Paddock is an area centralized to what is commonly known as the pits in motorsports in which the teams keep their race transporters and motor homes. Aside from NASCAR and certain events, Road America’s Paddock is open to walk-in spectator access. Road America’s main Paddock is located at the south end of the midway.

Racecars always have the right of way at Road America.

Fan Activities

Does Road America offer autograph sessions?

The majority of public events offer autograph sessions throughout the race weekend. View the individual event schedules for updates.

Does Road America offer facility tours?

Road America’s Group Adventure Programs include several facility and on-track touring options which can be booked for your group outing. View all Group Adventure offerings or call 800-365-7223 for more information. DOWNLOAD Group Adventure Programs

Does Road America offer on-track touring for motorcycles?

The Salute to Cycles touring offered during MotoAmerica gives spectators the opportunity to ride their own motorcycle on the track. Admission to the event is required and sold separately. 

Another option to take your motorcycle on the Road America track is through our Sunset Cruise program which runs April through October. This activity is a leisurely, low-speed, 3-lap experience of the sweeping, rolling 4-mile track. 

Does Road America offer on-track touring during events?

Touring gives spectators the opportunity to drive their own sportscars and sedans on track during select events. Often touring sessions will be offered by manufacturer i.e. Corvette only, Porsche only. Trucks, SUVs, vans and motorcycles are not allowed during touring sessions due to a higher rate of speed. These types of vehicles (that are less than 8ft in height) are welcome to participate in Sunset Cruise opportunities. 

What activities are available for fans at events?

Fan activities vary by event and details are always included in the event schedule. Vendors and displays are available throughout the paddock. Other fan activities can include:

  • Autograph sessions
  • Public karting
  • Family Fun Zone
  • Disc Golf
  • Paddock Shop

Recommended Attire

What should I wear when attending an event at Road America?

Road America is a large facility with a mix of large open spaces and shaded wooded areas including grass, gravel, pavement, trails, and hills. With this in mind, comfortable walking shoes and sun protection are recommended. Hats, sunscreen, and other hot weather attire is available at the Paddock Shop. The Paddock Shop has umbrellas and other rain-protection apparel available for purchase.

For certain events, hot pit/hot garage access requires specific attire including long pants and closed-toed shoes. 

Where Are Some Popular Viewing Locations?

Turn 5 

Turn 5 ranks among Road America’s top vantage points. The tight corner is a prime overtaking spot and leads to the dramatic climb up to Turn 6. While plopping down in the grassy meadow to the drivers’ right of the corner is a popular option, you can also try the hillside between Turns 5 and 6.

For an added bonus, you’ll be able to track the cars half a lap later as they pop up from Thunder Valley and whistle through Turn 13 into Turn 14 before commencing their climb up the start/finish straightaway.

Turn 3 to Turn 5

There’s little to be gleaned in terms of who’s going fast and why. From Turn 3 to Turn 5, the cars steam past at top speed. The sheer sensations of seeing, hearing, and – yes – feeling high performance cars flashing through the forest is not to be missed.

Canada Corner (Turn 12) 

A tight bend at the end of a long straight section, with amazing viewing angles. It’s a great spot for overtakes and challenging for the drivers, who must negotiate a slight left turn under heavy braking, before making the sharp right turn through the apex.

Thunder Valley (Turn 13)

Out of Canada Corner, drivers open the throttle to blast through a section named for the way the engine sounds reverberate against the forest and signage. It’s a spectacular way to get close to the cars as they launch out of the corner under full acceleration. Both this section and Canada Corner are on the shaded, heavily wooded path that provides a welcome relief from the mid-day sun.

Road America Straight

Even the main straight at Road America is uniquely challenging. Drivers approach the start/finish line and flag-stand blind and must crest a steep uphill section before it comes into view.

The Carousel (Turns 9 & 10)

Head to the inside of The Carousel at Road America to watch and time the cars as they accelerate out of Turn 8, pass under the bridge, and arc gently downhill through 240 degrees of race track before passing directly below you en route to one of the most famous turns in motorsports “The Kink.”

The bridge is a convenient point to start your watch, and you’ll easily find a bush, tree, or some other (stationary) feature on the exit of the turn to serve as the finish line for your “section timing” exercise; one that will make abundantly clear which cars are gaining (or losing) time negotiating The Carousel and thus carrying the most speed into The Kink on down through Kettle Bottoms to Canada Corner.

Outside of Turn 7

Stand eye level with the track surface and can look straight through the apex. From there you can watch the cars turn in, roll slightly, change direction and maybe even induce some slip from the rear as they make their way around. You’re low enough to see daylight under the race cars and close enough to hear the tires. You can see the suspension at work, and pick out which drivers are committed, and who’s using the curbs. The best part is that like most of the great spots at Road America, you don’t need special accreditation to see this, it’s open to everyone.

Access Around the Facility

Can I bring my own golf cart, ATV, dirt bike, etc.?

Spectators are NOT allowed to bring off-road vehicles on the property. Personal golf carts, ATV’s and unlicensed vehicles are NOT allowed on Road America property. Bicycles or street-licensed mopeds are acceptable modes of transportation around the facility, but are not allowed in the paddock. Roller skates, roller blades, scooters (non-licensed motorized or non-motorized), and personal golf carts are NOT allowed. Rental golf carts are available for all public events. 


Are pets allowed on the premises?

Pets are strongly discouraged. You must remember that this is a racing environment. It is Road America’s policy that should you absolutely need to bring your pet, it must be kept under the control of a leash or in your vehicle with adequate ventilation, food and water.

Pets are NOT allowed unattended in the campground. You must pick up and dispose of waste left behind by your pet. Should the pet cause harm or become a disturbance to other spectators, it will be grounds for ejection from the park without a refund. Pets are NOT permitted in Paddock areas during spectator events.

Are alcoholic beverages available at Road America?

Alcohol is available for purchase at our concession stands. Los Amigos at Turn 1 and Antoinette’s at Win Tunnel are the only concession stands that serve liquor.

Can I bring my own food and drink to Road America?

Carry-ins are allowed into the property. We ask that you refrain from bringing your own food and beverages into the concession stand seating areas. You can bring your own beverages, food, grills, and coolers and have a picnic in the open grass areas or at your campsite.

We ask that you do not bring glass into the property and that you dispose of charcoal in the properly labeled hot ash cement containers located throughout the campgrounds.

What concessions are available at Road America?

Road America is known across the race tracks in America for having the best quality food with endless variety to choose from during race weekends. Review concession menus HERE. Concession stands and open hours vary by event. Event specific details are noted on the event pages.

Can I use my cell phone while at Road America?

You can use your cell phone at Road America, but keep in mind that service areas vary, and access declines as the number of people attending an event increases. Road America does not have cell phone charging stations. Do not rely on your cell phone if you need to relay or receive important information.


How do I contact someone at the race in the event of an emergency?

In the case of an emergency, please contact security at 920-892-2663.

What services are offered if I have a medical issue?

Mobile medical teams patrol the facility. If you or another guest are in need of medical assistance, contact Security at 920-892-2663, a Road America representative, or concession stand employee so they can contact the Medical staff. There is a permanent medical unit located in the competition paddock near the Paddock Shop.

What to do if my child and I become separated?

Contact Road America security at 920-892-2663 and supply them with a description of the child, i.e., name, age, the color of hair, clothes they are wearing, etc.

Lost & Found

Is there a Lost & Found?

Yes, contact Road America security and they will direct you to the security office located inside Gate 6.

After an event, all lost and found items are transferred to the Road America Administrative Office which is open M-F from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. All inquiries about lost items should be directed to: 800-365-7223 or info@roadamerica.com.

What to Leave at Home

Prohibited Items:

  • Personal golf carts, ATV’s and unlicensed vehicles - they WILL be impounded upon arrival until the end of the event
  • Firearms and fireworks
  • All Unmanned Aircraft Systems/Vehicles (UAS/UAV)
  • Offensive or divisive signage 
  • Any other items that may impose a safety hazard or diminish the enjoyment of the event for other guests

Prohibited items discovered during security inspections at the facility entrances must either be returned to the owner’s vehicle or discarded. Unlawful items discovered during security inspections are subject to confiscation and the person in possession of those items is subject to arrest. Any prohibited items discovered inside the facility are subject to confiscation.

Track Speed Record

What is the track speed record?

1:39.866 / 145.924mph (234.791 kph) set by Dario Franchitti, 2000 Team Kool Green Honda Reynard, CART Championship Race


Where can I find information on Road America’s History?

A summary of Road America’s history can be found on the history page of our website. Select books written about Road America and Elkhart Lake racing history are available in the Paddock Shop.


Who do I contact for Media Credentials?

Media credentials must be requested in advance through the Media page.

Who do I contact for Vendor space during an event?

Vendor spaces are available for all public events. For specific event pricing and availability, contact our offices at 800-365-7223 or email hospitality@roadamerica.com.

Who do I contact for Volunteering at Road America?

Road America is always looking for non-profit organizations that are interested in assisting with parking attendant positions, concessions, etc. Call us at 800-365-7223 or email info@roadamerica.com.

Who do I contact to make wedding arrangements at Road America?

Road America is a premier wedding destination located midway between Milwaukee and Green Bay in beautiful Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. The 640-acre, park-like grounds nestled in the Kettle Moraine provide stunning scenery with an abundance of space making Road America the ideal location to entertain your guests and capture unforgettable moments. Road America offers indoor (240 guest max) and expansive outdoor event spaces based on your plans. DOWNLOAD Wedding Package Information

For specific availability, contact our offices at 800-365-7223 or email hospitality@roadamerica.com.

Driving the Track

Can I buy Fuel at Road America?

Yes, fuel is available for purchase via credit card at all club events. To gain access to the pumps, purchasers need to be participants who are registered in an event that is taking place. There are two types of fuel available: Sunoco, 110 octane, (leaded), and 98 octane (unleaded).

What is it like to drive the track from a racer’s perspective?

Road America is a racetrack that sports car drivers both revere and respect. Like the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans circuit in France, Road America’s extended straights are a test of horsepower and its high-speed curves are a test of bravery.

We asked Corvette Racing driver Tommy Milner to take us for a virtual lap around this fast, flowing circuit that winds through the hills and valleys of Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine. Here is what he had to say about this challenging 4-mile, 14-turn road course that’s known as America’s National Park of Speed:

I like race tracks that are fast, with quick corners and a layout that has a rhythm – and Road America has all of those things. When my Corvette’s setup is right and the car feels comfortable, it’s a very rewarding lap.

Turn 1 is very fast and very difficult because you are turning and braking simultaneously. I approach the first turn flat out in sixth gear, then downshift to fourth and use the access road on the left side as my braking reference. The key here is to carry the engine speed through the middle of the corner and then get back on the power hard.

Coming out of Turn 1, I shift up to fifth gear through the gentle Turn 2 bend and approach Turn 3, which can be a difficult corner to get right. Going into the turn, I downshift to third; with the camber in this corner, it’s easy to lock upright the front tire. If you’re close behind another car coming out of Turn 1, then Turn 3 can be a good passing opportunity. However, there’s not much room at the exit with a ditch behind the rumble strips, so if you use the curb you have to get back on the road quickly.

Turn 4 is just a gradual bend in the road, but Turn 5 is super important because it’s a great passing opportunity. Going downhill under the Sargento Bridge, I’m in sixth gear through one of the fastest parts of the track. The braking zone for Turn 5 is a great place to pass; we decelerate from 150 mph, so the balance of the car under hard braking is critical. There’s room on the exit to run wide, and then it’s back hard on the throttle going up the hill to the Corvette Bridge.

You have to be easy on the brakes going under the Corvette Bridge into Turn 6 because the car gets very light going over the crest of the hill. It’s a blind corner, too, which adds to the excitement factor. This corner has a lot of grip, so it’s possible to toss the car across the apex and then let the track catch it at end of Turn 6 – big fun!

I’m back on the throttle hard going into Turn 7 and through the Hurry Downs, one of my favorite sections at Road America. The car needs good balance to make this transition quickly; if it’s right, you don’t use the brakes at all, just lift a little on the throttle. Turn 8 is a tight, 90-degree corner, so if the guy in front makes a mistake in Turn 7, you can really put the pressure on here. The track is typically a little slippery here in the braking zone. I go down to second gear, let the track catch the car in the apex, and then power slide out of Turn 8.

Next up are Road America’s most famous corners, the Carousel and the Kink. I hold my breath a bit and get settled for this very difficult series of turns. Going into the Carousel, I bring the car to the left and try to drive it as flat and long as possible, usually taking several apexes. I turn the steering wheel to the point that I can get the most out of the front tires, and use my right foot on the gas pedal to steer the car. The Carousel sets you up for the long, fast ride through the Kink and Kettle Bottoms.

The Kink gets your undivided attention – it’s one quick corner. There are faster corners, but the Kink is special because you can’t take it flat out. It becomes a game to see who can stay on the throttle the longest. Hitting a curb in the Kink can upset the car, and that’s the last thing you want in that corner. I enter the Kink in fifth or sixth gear, depending on the gear ratios, and lift just a bit on the entry. I admit that on the first lap I do tap the brake, but after that, I go through the Kink without braking – although my foot is usually hovering over the brake pedal!

After the Kink, it’s a flat-out run down through a tunnel of trees to Canada Corner and another excellent overtaking opportunity. If you have a fast car, you can really make up time on a competitor, but it’s difficult to pull off a pass if he drives a defensive line. I shift down to second gear for Canada Corner, and it’s important to have a car that puts the power down well to accelerate through Thunder Valley and the Bill Mitchell Bend.

Turn 13 seems to get faster every year as the engineers find new ways to give us more downforce. The exit is very fast, but it’s tough to see where the apex is and how much room you have at the exit. Last year I had a close encounter with the wall there when I was pushing too hard on cold tires. I learned that Turn 13 can bite you.

It’s important to get a good exit from Turn 14, the final corner because it leads onto the long, uphill straight. The car gains speed slowly climbing the hill and then sets you back in the seat when the track finally flattens out. The front straight is a good place to draft. The GT cars often run two-wide here, which makes it difficult for the faster Prototype cars to get around us, but that’s just part of the multi-class racing at Road America.

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