Dirt Bike Course 1

Dirt Bike Course 1


The Dirt Bike Course 1 at Road America provides hands-on rider training with an emphasis on safety and skill development. Dirt Bike School coaches will teach you basic riding skills and responsible riding practices, including risk management and environmental awareness. New riders or others looking to improve their riding skill will benefit from the riding course which is taught by certified coaches.

Price: $170/person


Required Safety Gear:

  • Over the ankle footwear, with good sole grip, heels not to exceed 1.5” 
  • Long pants, no rips or exposed skin 
  • Full fingered gloves 
  • Long sleeve shirt (minimum) or riding jacket 
  • DOT-approved street-legal helmet and eye protection (full-face helmet recommended) 

Bring your own dirt bike or learn on one of our YAMAHA TT-R125 dirt bikes! 

Course Curriculum:

  • Six hours of fun hands-on training for basic off-road riding techniques

Dirt Bike Course 1 is designed for those 12 years old or older with a 28” inseam or taller that are looking to learn to operate a manual (clutch equipped) motorcycle or anyone looking to refresh their operational skills. 

Please review our School Policies before registering for any classes.

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