World Racing League



World Racing League is America’s premier amateur endurance racing series, created to offer racers a pro-level racing experience on an amateur racer’s budget. WRL fills the gap between entry-level budget series and pro racing. It’s a “club level” series where motorsports enthusiast can race properly prepared race cars in endurance races lasting 8 to 24 hours, and enjoy all of the excitement, challenges and strategy involved. Classes based on power to weight ratio allow for a wide range of cars to compete, including Elan NP01 Prototypes, Corvettes, Boxsters, Miatas, BMWs, Hondas, BRZs, Mustangs and many vintage cars. 

Check out the following website for event details:

For more info, contact: Joey Todd

PHONE: 920-321-1366 or 844-722-3975 (844-RaceWRL)


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