Event Staff Information

Event Staff Information


Welcome to the Road America Team! Below you will find some helpful FAQs that will help answer most of your questions concerning your time working at the track. We look forward to a great season and we are so happy to have you be a part of our team!  

Event Staff FAQ’s

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to develop a facility and programs that provide the best motorsport and entertainment experience for all our customers.

Where should I park?

Designated parking locations are determined by your department supervisor. Be sure to confirm where you are expected to park with your manager. Employee parking areas may be subject to change based on the event. (NASCAR, INDY, IMSA)

What should I wear?

Please check with your department supervisor for details on the appropriate attire for your position.  Be prepared to be in the elements on any given event day. This means you should bring:

  • A coat, rain jacket, sunscreen, sunglasses, and extra socks and shoes
  • You should wear comfortable plain tennis shoes. No open-toed shoes should be worn
  • No short-shorts, saggy pants, ripped or distressed pants
  • No halter tops, swimsuits, or cropped shirts. No offensive logos or slogans
  • No competitor apparel such as (competitors of RA)

What to bring along?

  • Road America provides water on all event days
  • Bring your own food to eat. It is best to bring a cooler with ready-to-eat food (sandwiches, fruit, snacks, chips, etc…) 
  • You can also bring your own money to spend at our concession stands.
  • Appropriate clothes for the weather 
  • Bug Spray
  • Hat or visor

How and when do I get paid?

Clocking In and Out: It is your responsibility to ensure that you correctly punch in and out for your shifts. Each area will have an assigned kiosk for seasonal employees to clock in and out. Employees are paid from their SCHEDULED START TIME to their PUNCH OUT TIME.  If you are scheduled for 6:45 am and punch in at 6:30 am, you will be paid from 6:45 am because you were not scheduled to start at 6:30 am. Employees who work an 8-hour shift will receive a 20 min lunch period and do not need to clock out.

Paychecks: We are paid bi-weekly on Wednesdays; If you do not want your check mailed to your home, inform your supervisor and arrange for Wednesday pickup. DO NOT REQUEST EARLY PICKUP. If for some reason your check is incorrect, please speak with your supervisor to fix the issue. Pay dates are posted on Aldatec.

Seasonal Benefits 

  • Complimentary water for each event
  • 20% off discount on Paddock Shop apparel
  • Concession Stand Discount
  • Road America T-shirt
  • Employee incentives per department
    • “Atta-girl”  “Atta-Boy”

General Rules

  • Be on time for your shift
  • Show integrity and professionalism
  • Respect colleagues and customers
  • Protect Road America property from damage and vandalism
  • Maintain a positive attitude and spirit of enthusiasm
  • Be attentive — be aware of your environment and guest’s needs
  • Leave your phones in your car/out of sight during shifts
  • Not be under the influence of illegal substances or alcohol upon arrival or during shift
  • Not smoke or vape during your shift
  • Not leave the property during your shift
  • Not use company vehicles without prior approval

Social Media Principals 

  • Adhere to Road America’s Code of Conduct
  • You are responsible for your actions
    • Anything you post that can potentially tarnish Road America’s image will ultimately be your responsibility. We do encourage you to participate in the online social media space but urge you to do so properly, exercising sound judgment and common sense
  • Let the subject matter experts respond to negative posts
  • Be conscientious when mixing your business and personal lives
    • Road America respects the free speech rights of all of its associates, but you must remember that customers, colleagues, and supervisors often have access to the online content you post. Keep this in mind when publishing information online that can be seen by more than friends and family and know that information originally intended just for friends and family can be forwarded on. Remember NEVER to disclose nonpublic information regarding Road America (including confidential information) and be aware that taking public positions online that are counter to Road America’s interests might cause conflict 

Injured at Work?

  • If you are injured on the job, regardless of how little or large the injury is, you MUST report it to your supervisor immediately
  • Your supervisor will then assist you in filling out the Report of First Injury Form
  • This form can be found in Aladtec on the main page

Severe Weather Plan

  • Race Control monitors weather and, announcements will be made over PA and Radio. You may expect:
    • Event delays
    • Quick Evacuations from Customers
    • Protect and secure equipment
    • May need to take shelter – know your severe weather plan at your location


  1. To be EARLY is on-time
  2. To be ON TIME is late
  3. To be LATE is unacceptable

Your role is crucial to our success! Without you, we cannot function as a viable business!

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